Wednesday, March 31

K* # 94

New @ BeBe DoLL

BeBe DoLL has released an amazing new swimwear line.
From Subscribo you can have one of the new items for free. Check it out!

*BD* Rainbow DottiDee Swimsuit
(Gift from Subscribo)

I love polka dots!
Kisses *K*

K* # 93

Grumble Grumble's Easter Hunt and Hunts

Grumble is running an in store Easter hunt with 10 little eggs to find. Plus you can also grab more hidden objects from other grid wide hunts. These are the items I've found out.

Grumble Easter Hunt Egg#3
(Ears, tail and slippers)

Left: JFTGs Hunt #11
(Panties, skirt, top, booties and bangles)
Right: Grumble Easter Egg#6
*~CFH~ #1
(Flops, Short, Bikini, Towel and Sunglasses)

Jeans: Grumble Easter Egg #5 - Men Brown Jeans and Women Pink Jeans
Belts: BTBH #56 - Unisex Belt and Silver Belt
Shoes:  CGH # 69 (Him) and Grumble Easter Egg #10 (Her)
Sweater (Him) - Grumble Easter Egg #6
BNH#13 - Man and Woman PJ's
Flops: Grumble Easter Egg #7

Tails and ears.....
1. Irontail Hunt #60 
2. SH #21
3. Grumble Easter Egg #2 

ASH #32 - Raiboots (Him and Her)

1. POGH #81- Unisex Converse
2 and 3. KYSO Hunt #35  - slippers
4. Grumble Easter Egg #10
5 and 6. - Grumble Easter Egg #9
(Grunge Pink and Orange Converses)
7. CGH #69 - Ballet Flats
8. Grumble Easter Egg #10
(Sandal Pumps - Black Baroque)

Grumble Easter Egg #1 -Baggies 
(Neon Pink, Neon Green and Rocker Chick)

VoS Hunt #33 - Sinful Path
Her: Overknee boots, bra, panties and horns
Him: Boxers and top

Grumble Easter Egg #8
(Paws, Tails and Ears)

TP to Grumble.

B* # 195


Lots of goodies @ [[ Bunny B ]]

Group giftie, freebies, dollarbies and a bargain!!!

[[Bunny B]] - Shania ::: Pale //Makeup 01 skin-Group gift (150Lds to join)

[[Bunny B]] - Ashley ::: Pale //Makeup 10 & 11- FREE!

Dollarbie box with 5 skins!
[[Bunny B]] - Ashley ::: Pale //Makeup 06
[[Bunny B]] - Anya ::: Pale //Makeup 01
[[Bunny B]] - Jeniffer ::: Pale //Makeup 01
[[Bunny B]] - Jessica ::: Pale //Makeup 01
[[Bunny B]] - Suzuki ::: Pale //Makeup 01

Box with Keilgh skins ::: [[ Bunny B ]] ONLY 50Lds!!

Limo --> [[Bunny B]]

Lots of love,

B* # 194

Bunny Girl Costume free @ Glam!!

" If you have been a member for a minimum of 1 week you can get it from the vendor, it will also be available for sale for the very low price of 45 L$ to non-members and members for less than 7 days."

Limo --> [Glam]


*Hair:>TRUTH< Anise - mirage *Skin:[[Bunny B]] - Keilgh ::: Pale //Makeup 10 *Eyes:[LeLutka]-Reflections-Dew-Eyes *Outfit:GLAM Couture "Miriam" Easter Set - with Ears (Group Freebie)


B* # 193

LB Endless Love

Your life has the color
you paint i painted mine with LB Endless Love!!


Set all 2 Skirts


Set all 3 Sexy Pants(short pants not posted)


Hot Pants Overall with Shirt (pasties included)



Limo --> [LB Endless Love ]

Lots of love,

B* # 192


Miss April Special Edition Skin

"The New CStar Monthly Free Skin and Shape Gift is here! The Skins and Shape can ONLY be won on the lucky chair this month, never sold! This is your one and only chance you can win these skins and shape is in the month of April!"

Limo --> [.::CStar::.]

Thanks Unico Solo

*NOTE* the shape is not the one u get i used my own shape!


*Hair:!lamb. Breeze - Kit Kat
*Skins:.::CStar::. Miss April Special Edition Skin Package Fat Pack
*Shape:Al'Ol Shapes - Estelle
*Lashes:Eyelashes -20- DiamondDust *REDGRAVE*
*Outfit:!!! LB Endless Love Shopping MAINSTORE-Hot Pants Overall Black
*Boots:BAX Prestige Boots White Leather
*Pose on pic #1- comes with skins *winks*


Tuesday, March 30

K* # 92

Kunglers Easter Gift
Kunglers - Eastern Egg Tops in Blue and Yellow
(Group Gift - 50 Ld fee to join)

K* # 91

Almost Free Rock Me Amadeus Outfit
Punk Ripped Legings and Top

For only 1 Ld 'till Thursday!!

B* # 191

New BAX Prestige Boots!

BAX Prestige Boots Silver

BAX Prestige Boots Gold

Limo --> [BAX]


Picture #1

*Hair:[LeLutka]-PONY UP_SKblond
*Skin:[LeLutka]-E/Estellesunkissed-makeup2(L Brows)hairbase
*Lingerie:[ the oBscene] Geranium Silver
*Necklace:*SiSSi* Collar Me Up
*Bangles:*SiSSi* Collar Me Up Bangles
*Earrings:A&ANA Jewellery BIG Silver Circle
*Nails:[ Love Soul ] Prim nail*Gra-B&W*Gray
*Boots:BAX Prestige Boots Silver NEW

Picture #3

*Hair:[LeLutka]-PONY UP_SKblond
*Skin:[LeLutka]-E/Estellesunkissed-makeup2(L Brows)hairbase
*Lingerie:[ the oBscene] Thyme Bronze
*Bangles::::LiNe::: LookSexy Bracelet/Gold (MOD)
*Earrings:A&Ana Citronette Earrings
*Nails:Candy Nail : LE.LOOK! la femme - Nails - (Brown) Old gift
*Boots:BAX Prestige Boots Gold NEW

Lots of love,

K* # 90

New Dollarbies @ #Before Sleep#
#BS# Sunny Day (1 Ld) includes:
Sunny Skin and Shape
Yellow Flower Bikini
Flower Sunglasses (head and regular)
#BS# Red Latex Dress (1 Ld) includes:
Red Latex Dress
Red Latex Dress Socks
Black Bra and Thong

Thank you Sarahlin for these amazing dollarbies!
TP to #Before Sleep# to grab them.

Kisses *K*

B* # 190

Easter gift from "DEW"!

"DEW" Happy easter gift

and in-store u will find this cute "DEW" rheart bikini (group gift/free to join)

Limo --> [DEW]


B* # 189

New freebie @ *LG* Design !!

Leeloo Graves just release the .:Camoutique:. Tied up shirts at her store and made a freebie version.

Tp to store to get yours *WINKS*


Hair:!lamb. Oh Sugar - Powder w/ Black Roots
Skin: [LeLutka]-IFEsunTan-NEVER(L Brows)-Old group gift
Shirt: .:Camoutique:. Tied up Heart Freebie [here]
Jeans: ::Miuk:: Ripped pink jeans
Shoes: SLink Tiger Heels L Black
Necklace: (OMFG) Sasha Silver Necklace

Lots of love,

B* # 188

Newness @ CHANTKARE!!

I went to CHANTKARE (NEW store with the new spring inmothion collection out!) with [Albertt] last night and here is what i brought in my shopping bags!!
Thanks AL *Blinks*
Aint I trés chic?!

*Hair:Magika - Kea (50% sale!)
*Skin:[LeLutka]-IFEsunTan-NEVER(L Brows)-Old group gift
*Shape:Al'Ol Shapes - Estelle NEW
*Shoes:SLink Tiger Heels-Blueberry NEW

*Hair:Magika - Kea (50% sale!)
*Skin:[]::Tuli::[] EVA tone 2 NEW
*Shape:Al'Ol Shapes - Estelle NEW
*Boots:BAX Prestige Boots Black

*Hair:Magika - Kea (50% sale!)
*Skin:LeLutka]-IFEsunTan-NEVER(L Brows)-Old group gift
*Shape:Al'Ol Shapes - Estelle NEW
*Shoes:SLink Tiger Heels-Black NEW


Lots of love,


Monday, March 29

B* # 187

New *Cupcakes group gift!!

MIRO Mimulus is sick on rl so she made this headcold looking skins for us!I hope you feel better soon MIRO!!!*Hugz U*

*Cupcakes - Genius II - Tiramisu - Sick (Cleavage)

*Cupcakes - Genius II - Sugar - Sick (Cleavage)

Join *Cupcakes group and grab this skins!(250 Lds fee to join)

Ni ni everyone!!!

Lots of love,

K* # 90

New Gifts from $GaNKeD$
Gold Blooded in Iced Onyx Set
(Bracelets, Earings andd Necklace)
New Gift in store

All That Jazz Necklace - Ruby/Onyx
(Gift from Subscribo)

Also new items on MM board and lucky chair, as well as new releases.

TP to $GaNKeD$.