Applications for bloggers

Applications for bloggers

It is with great pleasure we welcome our new bloggers to be part of the B*In Fashion group. If you love fashion, shopping and photography, in Second Life, then blogging is the perfect hobby for you, even if it requires a lot of work, sometimes, it still is very much stimulating and creative.
If you want to become a B*In Fashion blogger make sure you fulfill the following requirements and contact us at anytime. We will be glad to hear from you.


1.       B* at least 1 year of Second Life experience (or have performance skills)
Because SL is a demanding program, you need to be comfortable with some features in order to blog. For instance you need to know how to adjust the graphics, moving with the camera, edit clothes, appearance, sky settings, among many other things, which makes it difficult for residents who have less than a year. Of course by ‘resident’, we mean you as a person, not the avatar’s birthday, but if you think you can perform all the stuff bellow even being new in SL, feel free to talk to us.

2.      B* able to distinguish good from bad quality clothes
For blogging, you need to refine your critical view. You need to be able to evaluate things by comparing to others and that takes time too. But keep in mind that a good product, besides being well-done, makes the whole editing processes much easier. That is part of the reason why we try to avoid ‘newbie’ stuff in our photos.

3.      B* able to compose an avatar with style
When you choose to blog an item (may be a piece of cloth, a brand new skin…or whatever), you must be able to combine it with other pieces in order to result not just in an outfit but mainly in a look, in a style printed by you. That also means combining backgrounds, accessories, hairs, poses, face emotions, and so on. The look should be the most important thing in your photo because it conveys feelings, sends messages, tells stories and causes the viewers feel identified with.

4.       B* able to select poses which best fits an outfit
Poses are tricky as it sometimes hide or buries an attachment into the avatar’s body. Therefore, besides selecting a pose to combine with your look you also need to attend to this limitation and be able to edit attachments, when necessary, in order to work with your perspective view.

5.       B* able to set photographic features and take high quality snapshots
Changing sky settings, adjusting lights, render shadows, activate anti-aliasing…are some of the features you need to be familiar with to improve the quality of your snapshots, for not mention the basic skill of turning graphics settings into Ultra. That requires a reasonable computer which allows you to run those features without crashing or being too slow. There are some blogs and site that teaches you some tips for enhancing snapshots, for instance, SL wiki’s has a complete article about high quality snapshots. Take a look over the wiki’s topic about it, here.  

6.       B* able to edit photos
You do not need to be a master in Photoshop, but you need to know how to do the basic stuff like cutting, adjusting color, brightness, contrast, redimension, etc. Of course adding effects to your photo can improve the image but be aware that the goal is to let your clothes be visible. There are some free programs that can work very well for this task. We suggest the analogue of Photoshop, which is the GIMP, or the much simpler, and still excellent, PhotoScape.     

7.       B* able to manage a blog
Writing, uploading and posting in Blogger, are in general what you have to do. Keep in mind that all the writing needs to be in English, though there is no need to write a long text. Keep it simple and clear: mention what you’re wearing (don’t forget links to the stores) and add the smallest possible number of photos. Readers don’t want to see the same image over and over without adding new information.

8.       B* able to establish contacts with fashion designers
Because being a fashion blogger is not a paid job, and most of the stuff is actually you who buy it, there are some marketing strategies that can help you save money and yet contribute to the designer’s ranking sales. This is a symbiotic relationship as both of the parts win something. For more information about how to receive review copies check out our Review Policy for designers. You can also see that some stores display information for review submissions, but you can contact the designer directly and ask for it. Later in your blog life you will notice that they will come to you either. Also our sponsors might give you their new releases, from time to time.  

9.       B* able to stay updated
You need to stay tuned to new releases, sales, group gifts, fairs….For that you need to search new information in other blogs, feeds and stores websites, and you need to subscribe and join group stores.

10    B* able to be happy
In fact there was nothing to write, was just to complete the ten subjects…lol
B* happy and feel free to post whenever you want and quit whenever you’d like. There are no commitments. This is just a hobby, remember?

Send us an email to
Send a notecard in world to Blondie Clarity or Kleos Gomes with the following content:
Copy-paste this information into your notecard

Name: (your SL name)
SL experience: (in years and months)
Skills: (which of the ten requirements you do the best)
Difficulties: (which of the ten requirements you do the worst)
Notes (optional): (whatever information you’d like to add)

Then name your notecard as bellow:
App_Your name / Example: App_Fancy Tuchs

Thank you for considering being a B* In fashion blogger, we will review your request and will answer you as soon as possible.