Monday, March 1

B* # 100

WOW i made 100 posts! YAY to me *winks*

NEW [[ Bunny B ]]- Lenore

And a sneak peak to the new skin that Lachlan Causten is workin on [[Bunny B]] - Ashley

U can find this two beautiful skins in the [[BuNNy B]] group ( join group and check notices 150lds fee to join)

Other items

Hair: fri. - Summer & fri. - Miley
Bikini:::Mi.Uk:: hello kitty red & green bikini

OHH!The beautiful background in my pics is my new sl land made by Albertt Olkhovsky and myself with the help of Kleos Gomes so i leave here my thank you to them for helpin me makin my new sl paradise!Love it and love way more u guys!!!!!


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