Saturday, March 6

B* # 114

(OMFG)I love it!!

(OMFG) I love it newest releases @ Accessory Fair

Check out these stunning necklaces...U dont want to miss these!

Charlize tier pearl drop necklace - Black pearl necklace with gold & silver options

Sasha SIlver or Gold Link Necklace

...and if that wasnt good enough they have also provided u with the Mrs. Gollightly sunglasses!
OMFG!Arent they hawt or what?!
Mrs. Gollightly sunglasses-9 Metal Texture Menu options (mix & match) - 4 styles of Gemstones
* Mrs. Gollightly Classic - Metals
*Mrs. Gollightly GLAM - Metals w/ encrusted Gemstones on the side.

(OMFG)I love it release many other fav acessories so tp to [Accessory Fair] (to shop #24) to check them out!

<333 Hugz, B*

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