Saturday, April 3

B* # 209

Berries Inc. GIFTS!!!

To celebrate the opening of the new mainstore Berries Inc.has 8 gifts for u around the store area and they are very easy to find!
I have no idea for how long they will be out so take my limo and grab them before they are gone!!

Limo--->[Berries Inc]

Berries Inc. GIFT I-Berries Inc. hairgift v.1
Berries Inc. GIFT II-Berries Inc. hairgift v.2
Berries Inc. GIFT III-Berries Inc. hairgift v.3
Berries Inc. GIFT IV-Berries Inc. hairgift v.4
Berries Inc. GIFT V-Berries Inc top dilemma
Berries Inc. GIFT VI-Berries Inc arm-warmer darkgrey/grey/lightgrey
Berries Inc. GIFT VII-Berries Inc. mel shirt grey
Berries Inc. GIFT VIII-Berries Inc. hairgift v.5

Other items

*Poses:aDORKable Poses: Framed
*Skin:-Belleza- Alyson MED Old Group gift (cleavage)

Lots of love,

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Adorkable said...

Thank you Blondie! Love it! <3