Sunday, April 4

B* # 211

Hello everyone!!!

Happy Easter!!!

I decided to make my easter look with the new accessories and i think it worked out pretty good!
Yep released boots, belts, and bags in the most prettiest colors u can imagine!!I bet after u see them all in my pictures below it will be hard to choose only one color ahah dont blame me lol blame for making all the colors look yummy!

Limo to the [] store

fri. - Dream.Booties (24.7 Pack)

fri. - Dream.Catcher Bag (24.7 Pack)

fri. - Lucid.Belt (24.7 Pack)

fri. - Journey.Boots (24.7 Pack)

Other items

*Hair:fri. - Amelia - Happy Blond
*Skin:Lara Skins-Anne Smokey3 Tan
*Shirt:[W&B] I'll Be A Ghost Shirt
*Skirt:{SMS} Highwaist Skirt Black
*Bangle:*Bracelet 2gether No 100_Maylo Designs

Lots of love,

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