Monday, April 19

B* # 249

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I have to confess something to you.
Something very unpleasant has reached its limits.. Lately I have suffered many vicious attacks and insults off "anonymous" people .. upto now I really did not care. But something happened that really took a little of my patience. Something that defames me. Someone sent a notecard to a store owner( im guessin all store owners by now) that provides me with their review items ... I am very grateful to her for giving me a statement about this. In a notecard which contained information that they say i was using an ilegal version of sl viewer that allows to copy items without permission of creators... I really do not understand what goes on in  the head of this  person who reported me.. to reach a point of producing  slanderous information like this. For which reason I would use copybot items..  to harm the same store owners  that help me with the blog??
LOL. I have to laugh, I laugh at such envy of those persons. Because only this could be the reason for them having done this. Envy of the competition it may be? What do you think???
I never thought ending some friendships and create a blog would bring so much drama to my sl !

Finally, I want to make  it  very clear that i am against any reproduction of products illegally in secondlife ! So, I hope you believe me, and do not believe the silly allegations these ppl  are making up about me.. just to try  hurt me! All they want is my blog closed and that my friends will not  happend ;)

I also want to say that Kleos and Chloe have nothing to do with their pet hate for me!So leave them out of your plans against me!

Sorry if I have to do a post addressing this issue so boring, but it was really necessary. Some things have to be clarified. ..Thank you.

  Love B*

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Anonymous said...

LOL blondie, that's not worth the stress, I think we all know that you enjoy doing the posts here on the blog, and that you would never that kind of thing, also your love for blogging would never justify it! I hope that you dont stop with the posts because of these people. Me, and I believe many more people like you, and reading your posts, then when you post, think of us and not these stupid ppl ! ;)