Monday, April 26

B* # 262

A non Fashion post...
lol yes kinda because like i said before, for me living in a beautiful and well built  house its also fashion!
Dont u agree?

Albertt did it again!!!Just look at my new beautiful house!!Soo pretty and only for L$199 <33 

New Al'Ol Martha House FURNISHED!

Martha house is  ideal for people who like to live with peace, comfort and coziness. Spacious, furnished, with a beautiful kitchen, outside area in front, nice decor...the house comes with  Menu Control, Tinting windows, Lockable doors, 1 bedroom with sex bed, Living Room, Fireplace, Modern kitchen, Upper deck to admire the view!
The Martha house is mod/copy.
Martha house is on promotion sale @ XStreet for only L$199(limited time promo) -->  and u can go see a demo in world at  AL'OL Architecture 


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