Monday, April 12

K* # 106

Sales @ Pig

It's the first time Pig runs a 50% off sale on every item in-store.
Try buy them now before it ends on wednesday at 9pm SLT.
Here are some of the clothes I bought.

Pig - Ambrosia Rosepetal
(Bodysuit, skirt, bra, panties, garters and socks)

Pig - Darling Baby Seal Maedb

Pig - Madras Underwear Set

Pig - Classy Crochetted Bikini Asparagus

Pig - Retroesque Erin Blue (dress)
Bag: *OC* Hot Summer Bag - claire (new gift from subscribo)

Pig - Sing Sing Black (shirt)

Pig - Chenille Turtleneck - Teal

Pig - Georgia Redhot (top)

Pig - Ladies Like Flowers Eggshell (cardigan)
Pig - Sweatpants Ladies/Blood (pants)

Thank you for the sales Apatia!
Kisses *K*

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