Friday, April 23

K* # 115

Time for Shopping!!!

It's weekend, which means it's time to prepare the outfits
 you're going to wear the whole week.
I've made a shopping plan wearing *LP* fashion design clothes. 
I love their design, it's so sexy, original and juvenile!
Here's my schedule for this week:

Starting the week in a confy pair of leggings
with sexy lacing details...
Because I am irreverent!

*LP* Feb leggings in Blue, Black and Pink.

Wild and relaxed.
Wearing a long pair of rainbow leggings
for another working day. It's wild, confy
but stylish and original.
Because I love dots & green!

*LP* Iskra leggings in Green, Black, Pink, Blue and Purple.

Hoot! Latex and lace!
Because I love wednesday!

*LP* Malo svim in Black, Pink, Blue, Purple, Red and White.
(click to enlarge)

I have a meeting today.
So I dressed myself with snakes
to show I'm impenetrable.
Because I said so.

*LP* - Snake jacket black
*LP* - Moonlight pants black

Time to shine at the disco.
Because It's friday, I'm in love!

*LP* Krok Dress in Blue, Red, Black and Purple.

You won't resist...
Because it's your last night.

*LP* GBMS dress in White, Black, Blue, B&W,
Milk, Rose and P&M.

Finally I can get some rest.
I wanna stay confy and lay
down on my couch.
Because it all starts again tomorrow!


*LP* Believe overalle in Black, White, Blue and Red.

I'm in love with Ivanna

Ivanna skins are extremely detailed and elegant.
The lips are painted in a glossy and creamy look,
which I adore!
Here are the makeups you'll find:
*LP* Ivanna skin light 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
Skins are cleavaged and come with eyebrows and shape
(I've modified a bit for these photos)

They also come in a darker tone:

*LP* - Ivanna Skins in Light and Dark tones.

You should also plan your outfits with
*LP* designs. Go check the mainstore now.
Because it's shopping time!

Thanks to Liberty.
Kisses, *K*

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