Sunday, April 4

K* # 97

Time for hunting @ #Before Sleep#!

#BS# - Just For The Girls Hunt
(Pants, Top, Shirt and Sandals)
April 1- 30
Hunt Item: Pink Fadora Hat
#BS# - April Showers Gift
Him: Shorts and Shirt
Her: (Elly May) Shorts and Shirt
April 1 - May 1
Hunt item: A rain drop
#BS# - Beautiful Nightmare Hunt
(Both: Skins and Shapes)
April 2 -30
Hunt item: Ring box
#BS# - Below The Belt Hunt
Her: Strawberry PJ's - Leggings and Bra
Him: Shorts and Shirt
April 1 - 30
Hunt item: A belt

#BS# - Diamond In The Rough Hunt
Her: Diamond Dress and Socks
Him: Pants and Shirt
April 1 -30
Hunt item: A diamond
#BS# - MHO3 Gift
Casual Dood Pants and Shirts
April 1-30
Hunt item: Male symbol

#BS# - VoS Patience and Sloth Gifts
Patience item: Skins and Shapes for both.
Sloth item: Lazy Lounge with poses

Look for the hints in subscribo in store here. Go there Before you sleep! ^^
Kisses *K*
And ty B*!!

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