Thursday, May 13

K* # 134

Hyper Culture
New: Lara Bodysuit

They come in 20 amazing colors and have an extremely detailed texture.
Its body shape design combined with the front zippo makes it very modern, urban, cyber...
Ideal to use in the swimming pool or to practice sports, wearing a pair of leggings under it. 
All layers are included. 
The Lara Bodysuit is Hyper Culture last release.

 Blacks n Whites
 HC - Lara Bodysuit in Dark Grey

HC - Lara Bodysuit in Choco, Dark Grey, Ivory and Pitch.

  HC - Lara Bodysuit in Yellow

HC - Lara Bodysuit in:

 Alizarin, Apple Green, Aqua, Burgandy, Cyan,
Dark Blue, Persian Rose, Pink, Pink, Purple and Silver.

HC - Lara Bodysuit in Nude

HC - Lara Bodysuit in Emerald, Gold, Khaki, Nude and Sepia.

Thanks to Christensia.
Kisses *K

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