Sunday, May 16

K* # 138

#Before Sleep#
Hunts & Cheapies

Bikini: #Before Sleep# Hawaiian Bikini [Blue] - 25 L$
Skin, Shape and Eyes: #Before Sleep# Fashion Freaks For Her (*)
(Hunt runs from May 15 - June 15; Look for a candy swirl shape)

#Before Sleep# Hawaiian Bikini in Orange, Green, Red and Purple
25 L$ each.

Let's go surfing!

No Boys Allowed!!

#Before Sleep# Girls Hideout Gift (*)
Includes the Hideout building, 2 Girl's Crates (with multiple sitting animations), Rug and Table.
(Hideout Hunt: May 15 - June 15; Look for a scroll)
In the photo: Chloe and Kleos

Picnic Table - 4 animated sits
#Before Sleep# May Basket Hunt Gift
(May Day Basket Hunt May 1 - June 4
Look for a basket
Hint: That's one BIG hamster)

Fresh Grave - Animated sits:
#Before Sleep# Ghostly Expressions Hunt Gift
(Ghostly Experssions: May 1 - June 4
Look for a Book
Hint: Let me stand next to your FIREplace)

Skin, Shape and Eyes: #Before Sleep# Fallen Angel Hunt Gift (*)
(Fallen Angel: May 15 - June 15
Look for a Black Wing) 
#BS# - Fresh Grave
(5 animated sits, grave + two trees)

La La Dotty
#Before Sleep# Dotty Dress
From Loony Lamb Hunt Gift (*)
(Loony Lamb: April 20 - May 20
Look for a Lamb
Hint: What's that lamb doing on my llama?

(*) Includes gifts for men.

Check also the Dark Hunt and Get a Clue Hunt.
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Thanks to Sarahlin.
Kisses *K*

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