Thursday, June 24

C* #79

is having a 50% off everything sale since they are about to rebuild the sim,
they also have 10L items hidden around the store!
Here is some of the clothes I got from the sale.
1- {paper.doll} PeasantTop-Polka-Pink/White 65L
2- {paper.doll} RuffleTank-Cherries 10L
3- {paper.doll} TiedUp-Plaid-Blue 10L
1- {paper.doll} WetTank-Pink 10L
2- {paper.doll} SuspenderMini-Grape 10L
3- {paper.doll}Polka Dot Tank-Bubblegum 50L
1- {paper.doll} CocktailV2-Black/Emerald 10L
2- {paper.doll} CocktailMini-Black/White 112L
3- {paper.doll} YourBoyfriend-White/Orange 10L

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