Monday, July 5

B* # 341

The new skinline by Aikea Rieko is released 
& its full of cutieness!

The skin is available in 11 skintones:

1- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Tale

2- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Fable
3- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Blue

4- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Legend
5- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Story

6- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Melon
7- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Metamorph

8- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Myth
9- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Pop

10- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Saga
11- [Plastik]-Fingerprints-Skies

And in 6 very pretty makeups:

Thank you Aikea Rieko <33

Go visit  The Plastik. now!!


Hair:   [AMG BOUDOIR]   Holly *BLONZE* 03
Shape:  Juicy ShapesJUICY[KA] - Charlize Shape
Bikini:   ::MIUK::  Eclipse Bikini set (BLACK) NEW
Tank:   *BOOM*  Bodacious Tank -Void NEW
Piercings:  - .HoD. -   Bitten v1 - Slide - Female NEW


1 comment:

Lixena Lamourfou said...

I wanna be the green hulkie girl...its the prettiest shade. Or maybe that is how Eliphaba looked.