Thursday, July 15

B* # 358

Summer Of Love Fair (SOL)

 >>Alexohol: Sex on the Beach Bikini-SOL Edition <<
 >>Alexohol: Doublemint Swimsuit-SOL Edition <<
  >>Alexohol: Sea Breeze Bikini & Skirt Set-SOL Edition <<
 >>Alexohol: Arizona Sunshine Top-Pink <<
>>Alexohol: Bellini Shorts-Blue <<
 ➄ >>Alexohol: Summerwind Tank Top Fat Pack <<
>>Alexohol: Jamaican Bum Shorts-Dots-Fatpack <<
  >>Alexohol: Cayman Sunset Dress-SOL Edition <<

Summer of Love Fair will be open from  July 18th to August 8th.
"This July, a selection of your favourite designers will be presenting us with brand new items at the Summer of Love Fair. These items will be available at the fair and nowhere else (at least ’til it’s over). Clothing, skins, hair, poses, accessories and more…"
For more info about the fair check

Other Credits

Hair: >TRUTH< Brit - swedish
Skin: *League* Taylor Medium -Blonde-Feline- Frex-Cleavage
Shoes: [Gos] Espadrilles and 2REAL- PURE SNEAKERS
Poses:*EverGlow* - NEW


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