Thursday, July 22

B* #371

*Ticky Tacky* 
The Car Wash Sale !

The car wash sale runs from 21st July til 16th August.

*Ticky Tacky* Chaos Theory Bangles. Necklace and Earrings
*Ticky Tacky* Huh, What? Necklace - Gold and Silver
*Ticky Tacky* Fancy Pants Earrings - Bordeaux and *Ticky Tacky* Blaire Bats Her Lashes Earrings and Necklace
*Ticky Tacky* SugarPop Gem Earrings - Liquid Silver and *Ticky Tacky* Mama's Favorite Little Kitten Necklace - Iron

*Ticky Tacky* has 10 Brand NEW items for this event and at just $10L a piece!!


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