Thursday, August 5

B* # 385

.:{ Drop Dead Diva}:.  is back!

Riyah Kaligawa re-opened her store with  new items
and stay tunned because more new things are coming soon!

New .:{ D3 }:. Studded Mini skirt available in 4 colors 

New .:{ D3 }:. Illuminous Eyes
8 colors available!

New .:{ D3 }:. Obsolete Eyes
7 colors available!

Other Items:

Hair pic 1&2: Maitreya Ymre - Platinum
Hair pic 3&4: >TRUTH< Paula - mocha
Skin pic 1&2: Mynerva-~Fudge~PlumKiss~Blonde Brows
Skin pic 3&4: :[P]:-LionHeart-Elven-Porcelain-Bare
Vest: fri. - Halter Vest (Black)
Boots: [N] moccasins - calf high 3 layer fringe - black
Accessories: [MANDALA] Soul Jewelry set silver 
Tattoo: .::NOSOTR@S::. Butter Tattoo

Lots of love,

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