Sunday, August 1

K* # 140

Kleos' Back!

After two months away from SL, I finally got some time to dedicate to this amazing blog.
Still, these are vacation's times, which means I won't be here too long (once again), I wish to take advantage and enjoy SL fashion with you, even just for a bit...

Dress: :VESNA: Lona dress  [New] 
Available in black, yellow, red, silver&gold and white. 
It comes with jeans if you want to wear it as a vest.
 Price: 149 Ld
Hope you liked my surprise B*  =)
Kisses Kleos*

1 comment:

Blondie Clarity said...

I missed u soooo much!
I'm sooo glad u are back even just for a while!
Our blog isnt the same without you!
Welcome back <3