Wednesday, August 25

K* # 155

2.0 Makeups

Now with viewer 2.0, major changes in fashion occurred. For instance, more freedom to wear a different makeup without having to change your favourite skin. Tik Tok has now released a series of 22 awsome eyeshadows which, in my opinion, are made with great quality providing a realistic look. In two words: a "must have" collection in your inventory.

TIK TOK-22 Makeups - 699 Ld
(click on image to enlarge)

And there's also an usefull dollarbie for your skin:

TIK TOK-Skin Burner - 1 Ld

Other items:
Skin: TIK TOK - Lola-pale-cl-freckles
Hair: >TRUTH< Saffron - caramel
Bikini: AOHARU_BT_FlowerBandeauSwimsuit_White

Teleport to TIK TOK.
Kisses K*

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