Friday, September 24

K* # 173

New stuff

The Queen of Hearts

 "Most fun is the queen's staff, which is makes the iconic, "Off with their heads!" sound when you swing it.  Just wear the staff and touch someone or something to make it work. This one is one of my favorite things I have ever made in sl. " Delaynie Barbosa, creator.

OuTRage! - Queen of Hearts 
Set includes: three types of skirts (ball gown, half skirt and short skirt);
black boots, fishnets, crown and hand staff.

Sweet Dreams PJ's

"This basic cotton tank top and boyshort set is sure to make any girl avatar comfy at home, and harkens back to earlier days with its soft cottom textures dotted in stars." Delaynie Barbosa, creator.

OuTRage! - Sweet Dreams PJ's 
Starry colors: yellow on blue, orange on light blue, pink on grey, 
orange on grey, yellow on grey and two-tone pink

Teleport to OuTRage! 
Kisses K*

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