Sunday, January 2

K* # 218

The Dressing Room 
2010 Bestsellers
New year's special editions


Clutch:  [ glow ] Studio - Bags - Vintage clutch(3 colors) TDR
Hair with ear muffs: Exile Mindy: TDR Exclusive Fatpack
Skin: [:T:] SKIN :: Claire / fair / TDR Newyear's Special Edition

Stilettos: Maitreya Slinky Stilettos - Silver
Belt: *LP* Groza belt silver


Dress: R.icielli - TDR CAROLINA dress /gold
Clutch: [ glow ] Studio - Bags - Vintage clutch(3 colors) TDR

Heels: P10 Florence Heels Leather Cream
Jewelry: Eden Beverly Jewelry - Twilight gold set (Christmas gift from subscribo)
Scarf: Maitreya Long Scarf * Champagne
Hair: Maitreya Milla - Blacks Pack
Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde - 36 - ALL TONES (old TDR)

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Kisses, K*


Galilla Sinatra said...

Very nice how you put the top pieces together.

I have a question on the gold Carolina dress though. As gorgeous as it is, I hesitate to buy it and any other scultped dresses from R.icielli because the designer doesn't make matching clothing layers below it. How can you move around without showing skin? And if it doesn't rez, are you naked under it?

I did purchase other things from R.icielli and have IM'd and sent a notecard to the designer with no answer.

Kleos Gomes said...

Hi Galilla. It's interesting because I also don't like sculpted dresses without layers below. I have to say that when I opened the folder, which contained the dress, got a bit disappointed because of that. But, honestly, when I've dressed it, I didn't miss the layers at all, because it is a wide dress (not to tight to the body) and only has 3 pieces (belt, skirt and top), that can be resized with a menu. You will find very easy and won't miss the layers below. Although, you'll need to reshape your body to a thiner shape so that the belt won't be too large on your waist, comparing to the rest of the dress. I really think it's worth the money! :)

Kleos Gomes said...

Oh, I forgot: As for the naked thing, you can solve the problem by wearing But don't worry because sculpts will hide your body when they are still rezzing... :)

Galilla Sinatra said...

Oh yes, thank you Kleos, I know I can do all that. But I dance a lot, often attending live music events, so moving around would be showing a lot of underwear! lol I just think it makes sense to make a layer for the clothing in the same texture. I am also dissapointed that the designer won't answer.

Kleos Gomes said...

I could be a little tricky for dancing, sitting, laying...all the movements that makes your avatar curve a bit. But I can't do nothing about it. Try to talk to the designer again, look on Flickr or something...perhaps he/she is too busy to answer, but I'm sure they will attend your observation and with luck we can have this beautiful dress with layers. :)