Monday, March 7

B* # 581

NEW :[P]:-Demon Fades and Face Tattoos

Every tattoo set has a face only option, a full body option, a body only option, a full  tintable option and two tattoo variations.

[P]-Demon Fades-Faces-Unia
[P]-Demon Fades-Faces-Ouii
[P]-Demon Fades-Faces-Gaiha
[P]-Demon Fades-Faces-Aanh

The Demon Fades comes with tattoo layer option 
and gloves, underpants and socks options.

[P]-Demon Fades and Face Tattoos1

Grab my limo to The Plastik and check for yourself these awesome new releases!!

Thank You Aikea! <3


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