Friday, August 19

K* # 282

Classic babydoll dress in Violet
[Kraft] new products
It is my very first dress, so I've only made it only in violet.

[Kraft] Classic babydoll Violet
This dress is ideal for a wedding, as a bridesmaid, or any other formal event. It is a classic babydoll with a ribbon on top and lace edging, mainly designed for winter venues, derived to its fabric. Includes a static pose for babydoll dresses. All scultps (skirt and ribbon) have a resize menu.

Price: only 25 Ld with pose included.
Grab it in the marketplace: [Kraft] Classic babydoll dress (Violet)

Other items in this pic:
Jewelry: (Shiny Things) Veronique jewelry - amethyst
Socks: -LMK-Basic knee knit socks (Nude)
Shoes: Maitreya Treaders - Exclusive Groupgift
Hair: [ 69 ] CASS 01 - Mocha Collection
Skin:  [ PXL ] Linda G3 NAT RoseLips

If you want it in any other color, please contact me.

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